Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

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Succulent chicken pieces wrapped in an utterly butterly
combination of cream, tomatoes and aromatic spices, this
composite dish is a culinary star that tickles palates across the
world. Known as murgh makhani in Hindi, it is also one of
the most popular Indian dishes recreated around the world.


- Onions
- Butter
- Yogurt
- Chicken
- Tomatoes
- Cream
- Garlic
- Spices

*All meals served with combination of Basmati Rice and/or Tadka Dal*

Health Benefits

1. High fat which helps in weight loss and reaching ketosis
2. High Protein meal
3. Antioxidant rich spices
4. Garlic is anti parasitic and a natural antibiotic that wont
destroy the good bacteria in your body
5. Spices used are good for2 promoting healthy skin,
treating respiratory disorders, aids in digestion,
prevents diabetes and boosts immune system