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Country of Origin: Korea

The name of Korean Bibimbap means “mixed rice,” which
is a pretty good description. A bowl is loaded with rice at
the bottom, and topped with a selection of goodies that are
laid out to look like jewels floating on the white rice bed.
Sliced beef, a selection of sautéed vegetables called namul
and a sauce called gochujang. An egg is then cracked on
top just prior to serving. And once handed the dish, after
briefly admiring the mosaic of edibles lain carefully atop
your rice bowl, you mix the still-hot ingredients together,
folding the sauces and the gooey eggy goodness
throughout. It’s nice (and unusual) to have a dish for which
the final, necessary step before it’s ready for consumption is
undertaken by the consumer—it’s up to you to finish the
dish’s preparation, which offers a formality that heightens
the anticipation of enjoying the meal.



- Rice
- Marinated Beef or Paneer
- Onion
- Apple
- Soy Sauce
- Sesame Oil
- Assorted Veggies
- Egg
- Sesame Seeds
- Gochujang Sauce
- Sugar


Health Benefits

1. Rich in protein, calcium, potassium, vitamin A,
magnesium, Vit b2, b12, E, tocopherol
2. Anti-parasitic
3. Aids in digestion